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Geographic area selection

Start by choosing the geographic area you want to render. Use Select area to select a specific bounding box, or just use the visible area.

City search

Start by choosing the city or geographic area you want to render. Suggestions will appear as you start typing, based on what is found in the local database.

Upload files
Note: The uploaded files will not be made available to anyone, the map created using this file will be publicly visible though.
Do NOT upload any data you don't want to be publicly visible.

File upload

Upload GPX, Umap, or general GeoJSON files here.
You can select multiple files at once.
If you re-open the file selection dialog to select files your selection will replace the previous one.


Map layout

The map layout determines how the map and the index are rendered. The Multi-page layout produces a booklet very suitable for printing and binding.


Map stylesheet

The map stylesheet determines the style and appearance of the map itself. Note that the stylesheet also drives what details will be visible on the map.


Map overlays

Overlays render extra objects on top of the chosen base style. Multiple overlays can be selected to add different kinds of additional information on top of the map.

Paper size (width x height)
mm × mm
Paper size suggestions

Best fit (?×?mm²)

Din A4 (210×297mm²)

Din A3 (297×420mm²)

Din A2 (420×594mm²)

Din A1 (594×841mm²)

Din A0 (841×1189mm²)

2x A0 (1189×1682mm²)

US letter (216×279mm²)

115by55 (550×1550mm²)

An error occured while retrieving compatible paper sizes.
Calculating available paper formats for your map...

Paper format and size

Select the desired format, size and orientation for your map. You can choose from the suggested standard sizes, the "best fit" size for the map area you selected, or specify a width and height of your own choice.

Map title

Your Email address (for notifications, optional) (will be deleted after 24 hours)
Paper format:

Almost there!

You're almost ready to request to map rendering! Select the map language, eventually adjust the title of your map, and you're good to go!